For Non-Profit Organizations

Community Benefits Advisors (CBA) is the division of Business Owners Benefits Association dedicated to serving non-profit organizations such as:

  • Churches
  • Private Schools
  • Civic Organizations
  • Charities
  • Municipalities

CBA is powered by BOBA, which means your organization receives the same great rate packages, services and features as BOBA, but with Advisors whose expertise is suited to the unique needs and priorities of non-profit and community organizations.

Special Projects Program

One of the many ways CBA can help your organization is through a unique fundraising project that also serves to strengthen affiliations between small businesses, community organizations, and the communities they serve.

If you take advantage of BOBA’s credit card processing solution as a CBA member, you may opt to take part in our Special Projects Program. This program unites commercial BOBA members and non-profit CBA members through the power of giving.

Under this program:

CBA Members
  • Opt in to CBA’s credit card processing services
  • Letters will be sent to your congregation, parents or other potential donors to inform them how our Special Projects Program works.
  • Current BOBA members, as well as any who join as a result of your fundraising campaign, who take part in the program are now able to donate a portion of their swipe fees to your organization.
BOBA Members
  • Opt in to BOBA’s credit card processing services.
  • Tell your Advisor you want to take part in the Special Projects Program, as well as which CBA member organization you wish to receive a portion of your swipe fees.

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