Credit Card Processing
Average member savings:

Competitive per-swipe rates & simplified payment processing from leading service providers.

  • Savings from $960 to $20,000.

Energy Savings
Potential for 25-50% savings to your business through energy, water and waste management techniques.

Our energy savings consultant will tailor an energy savings solution to fit your specific needs.

  • Assesses facilities’ existing systems for energy usage and devise a tailored solution to fit the needs of your business.

A range of coverages at rates comparable to those of large corporations.

From worker’s comp to medical coverage, find the best coverage at the best rates.

  • BOBA’s licensed advisors review all types of insurance policies to identify liabilities & omissions which minimize risk exposure.
  • BOBA offers a range of coverages on Worker’s Comp, Health, Property, General Liability, and Business Auto at rates comparable to those of large corporations.

Payroll & HR
Eliminate need for an admin position:

Manage everything from payroll to benefits administration with our user-friendly software suite.

  • Simplify & Streamline Onboarding, HR, Payroll & Time Processes. In most cases eliminating need for an HR Assistant, a salary savings of at least $32,360 annually.
  • Mitigate compliance risk & eliminate attorney fee and costly fines for DOL Wage & Hour Violations, HIPAA Privacy & Security Violations, Payroll Tax, I-9, Garnishment, and EEO-1 Reporting Violations.
  • Improve efficiency – Reduce admin & HR workload and errors with real-time integration between HR & payroll.
  • Save on recruiter placement fees, usually 17.5% – 25% of employees first year salary.
  • Regain time to focus on business operations & big picture strategy.

Fleet Services
Low cost labor rates for repairs & breakdowns and 24/7/365 low fixed-rate towing service.

Simplify your commercial fleet maintenance program with 24/7 service calls and no additional fees.

  • Predetermined, low cost labor rates for repairs & breakdowns with easy access to parts & service.
  • 24/7/365 low, fixed-rate towing service.
  • On-site maintenance & inspections.

Legal Services
Eliminate expensive lawyer fees, usually starting at
per hour

Legal assistance with everything from contract review to debt collection for one low monthly fee.

  • Unlimited minutes & matters for legal consultation.
  • Get the debt collection letters, contract review & legal correspondence to keep your business going.
  • Trial defense services provided.

Parcel Delivery
Receive late or lost shipping refunds weekly at no cost to you & no extra time or effort required.

Monitor package delivery & receive shipping refunds without wasting your or your employees’ precious time.

  • Receive late of lost shipping refunds weekly at no cost to you & no extra time or effort required.
  • Refunds credited to your FedEx and UPS account weekly.

Fuel Savings
10 cents per gallon savings every time you go to the pump! Limited time only.

Diesel & Unleaded fuel savings for all sizes & types of company vehicles.

  • 10 cents per gallon savings. Limited time only.
  • Fleet analytics reporting & tracking.
  • Track which vehicles may need service to optimize fuel MPG.

Small Business Funding
Funding starting at:

Grow your business – short and long term loans available.

  • Minimal underwriting paperwork & short approval process.
  • Discounted lump sum advances in exchange for agreed percentage of sales.

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