Credit Card Processing
Average member savings:

Competitive per-swipe rates & simplified payment processing from leading service providers.

  • Savings from $960 to $20,000.

Energy Savings
Potential for 25-50% savings to your business through energy, water and waste management techniques.

Our energy savings consultant will tailor an energy savings solution to fit your specific needs.

  • Assesses facilities’ existing systems for energy usage and devise a tailored solution to fit the needs of your business.

A range of coverages at rates comparable to those of large corporations.

From worker’s comp to medical coverage, find the best coverage at the best rates.

  • BOBA’s licensed advisors review all types of insurance policies to identify liabilities & omissions which minimize risk exposure.
  • BOBA offers a range of coverages on Worker’s Comp, Health, Property, General Liability, and Business Auto at rates comparable to those of large corporations.

Payroll & HR
Eliminate need for an admin position:

Manage everything from payroll to benefits administration with our user-friendly software suite.

  • Simplify & Streamline Onboarding, HR, Payroll & Time Processes. In most cases eliminating need for an HR Assistant, a salary savings of at least $32,360 annually.
  • Mitigate compliance risk & eliminate attorney fee and costly fines for DOL Wage & Hour Violations, HIPAA Privacy & Security Violations, Payroll Tax, I-9, Garnishment, and EEO-1 Reporting Violations.
  • Improve efficiency – Reduce admin & HR workload and errors with real-time integration between HR & payroll.
  • Save on recruiter placement fees, usually 17.5% – 25% of employees first year salary.
  • Regain time to focus on business operations & big picture strategy.

Fleet Services
Low cost labor rates for repairs & breakdowns and 24/7/365 low fixed-rate towing service.

Simplify your commercial fleet maintenance program with 24/7 service calls and no additional fees.

  • Predetermined, low cost labor rates for repairs & breakdowns with easy access to parts & service.
  • 24/7/365 low, fixed-rate towing service.
  • On-site maintenance & inspections.

Legal Services
Eliminate expensive lawyer fees, usually starting at
per hour

Legal assistance with everything from contract review to debt collection for one low monthly fee.

  • Unlimited minutes & matters for legal consultation.
  • Get the debt collection letters, contract review & legal correspondence to keep your business going.
  • Trial defense services provided.

Parcel Delivery
Receive late or lost shipping refunds weekly at no cost to you & no extra time or effort required.

Monitor package delivery & receive shipping refunds without wasting your or your employees’ precious time.

  • Receive late of lost shipping refunds weekly at no cost to you & no extra time or effort required.
  • Refunds credited to your FedEx and UPS account weekly.

Fuel Savings
10 cents per gallon savings every time you go to the pump! Limited time only.

Diesel & Unleaded fuel savings for all sizes & types of company vehicles.

  • 10 cents per gallon savings. Limited time only.
  • Fleet analytics reporting & tracking.
  • Track which vehicles may need service to optimize fuel MPG.

Small Business Funding
Funding starting at:

Grow your business – short and long term loans available.

  • Minimal underwriting paperwork & short approval process.
  • Discounted lump sum advances in exchange for agreed percentage of sales.

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BOBA Preferred Partner Benefits
Health Protection Plus
24/7/365 Access to Doctors From Your Home, Office Or On The Go

Rx Discount Card
Significantly Discounted Prices on Everyday Prescription Medications At Over 60,000 Pharmacies Nationwide

Fraud Resolution
Privacy Specialist Advising, Post Break-in Protection, Social Media Defense, Document Replacement & Protection

Travel & Fuel Savings
Wholesale Travel Pricing on Hotels, Cruises & Car Rentals, 110% Rate Guarantee, Fuel Savings And Tracking To Optimize MPG

Parcel Delivery Oversight
Weekly Refunds On Late Or Lost Shipments At No Cost With No Extra Time Or Effort

Energy Solutions
Savings Through Energy, Water And Waste Management. Existing System Audits And Tailored Solutions To Fit All Business Needs

Small Business Solutions
Merchant Services
Point Of Sale Services & Equipment, Mobile Payments, Email Invoicing, Fraud Prevention, I-check Services, QuickBooks Integration

360°Insurance Solutions
Life & Group Health Insurance, Commercial Property & Auto, Supplemental Life & Accident Insurance, General Liability, Worker’s Comp

Professional Development
Education and Training Opportunities, Professional Development Seminars, Quarterly Member Meetings & Networking

Risk Management & Compliance Solutions
Payroll & Tax Compliance, HR & Benefits Administration & Enrollment, Time & Attendance Tracking, Onboarding, Reporting & ACA Solutions