Credit Card Processing Services

Average member savings:
Competitive per-swipe rates & simplified payment processing from leading service providers.

  • Savings from $960 to $20,000.

Proven Results

BOBA’s advisors reviewed monthly statements from a wine & spirits retailer and determined potential savings of over $3,100 a year through BOBA’s credit card processing service.
small business credit card processing Your business can’t survive in the digital age without the ability to accept and process credit card payments, but with so many options available, it’s hard to know which payment processing solution is the right one for you.

As a BOBA member, you have options. BOBA has partnered with leading service providers to custom-fit a payment technology solution that will save you money and simplify your workflow.

Proven Results

“Our ranch has financed the sale of horses for years. With BOBA’s help, we now save, on average, $9 for every $500 transaction. With several dozen transactions per month, we are savings $200+ per month in transaction fees from my previous merchant provider.”
Benefit from:

  • Flexible per-swipe fee plans based on how you do business
  • Multiple POS options
  • No statement or reporting fees
  • No cancellation fees
  • Access to the latest processing technology
  • 24-48 hour funding
  • 24/7 tech support
  • Streamlined reconciliation & easy reporting

Proven Results

A restaurant & sports bar joined BOBA in early 2016 and implemented BOBA’s credit card processing service while going through BOBA’s comprehensive business evaluation. With credit card processing alone, the restaurant will save over $1,200 in 2016.
As an added bonus, all BOBA payment processing solutions are PCI and EMV compliant. We offer a variety of terminal solutions, including card readers for your smartphone or tablet, to support you whether you need to process payments in one environment or many.

For a payment processing solution tailored to fit your company, contact us.

Proven Results

“We are saving over $20,000 a year by using their credit card processing service.”

Special Projects Program

As a BOBA member, you have a unique opportunity to give back to the community. Community Benefits Advisors (CBA) is a division of BOBA that caters specifically to non-profit and community organizations such as churches and schools. Non-profit credit card program

If you take advantage of BOBA’s credit card processing solution, you may opt to take part in our Special Projects Program. This program unites commercial BOBA members and non-profit CBA members through the power of giving.

Under this program:

CBA Members
  • Opt in to CBA’s credit card processing services
  • Letters will be sent to your congregation, parents or other potential donors to inform them how our Special Projects Program works.
  • Current BOBA members, as well as any who join as a result of your fundraising campaign, who take part in the program are now able to donate a portion of their swipe fees to your organization.
BOBA Members
  • Opt in to BOBA’s credit card processing services.
  • Tell your Advisor you want to take part in the Special Projects Program, as well as which CBA member organization you wish to receive a portion of your swipe fees.

Proven Results

A restaurant owner with two locations joined BOBA in 2015 and is saving over $3,100 a year after implementing BOBA’s credit card processing service. With close to $260 in savings each month, the owner plans to reinvest into the business for future expansion & growth.
An auto parts supplier with two locations is saving over $150 each month and close to $2,000 annually on credit card processing.

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