Fuel Program

Fuel your fleet for less! Start saving 10 cents per gallon today. Limited time only. Contact BOBA for details.

Proven Results

Before becoming a BOBA member, an auto parts supplier with two locations across East Tennessee was paying retail pump prices for fuel; now the owner is saving 25 cents on every gallon of fuel used.
Small business fuel savings Managing a commercial fleet comes with a unique set of pain points, and fuel costs usually sit at the top of the list.

With BOBA’s fuel program, you not only earn substantial rebates on fuel purchases, you gain access to a multitude of fuel management tools:

Proven Results

“My fuel price in 2014 was approximately 12 cents below the price at the pump – still below what many currently pay. Today, my prices are averaging 40+ cents below the price at the pump. When you look at our fleet of over a 150 semi-trucks and small pickup and delivery vans, the total fuel savings exceeds $56,000 per month from what I was previously paying for the same fuel just over a year ago. This is regardless of the actual price of fuel. I am saving, on average, an additional 28 cents per gallon from what I was paying at that same pump just over a year ago. I also pay much lower fees for driver cash advances, transaction fees, lumper fees, etc.”
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  • Reduce the risk of fuel theft with enhanced security features such as custom prompts.
  • Reduce unwanted spending with purchase restrictions and automatic pump shut-off capabilities.
  • Reduce time spent on collecting paper receipts and expense reports.
  • Utilize the online management portal 24/7 to track card usage, make payments and update card and driver information.
You’ll also receive detailed reporting options, which will help decrease your fuel costs and increase controls:

  • See when and where your drivers are fueling.
  • See driver spending habits that could be costing you money.
  • Track which vehicles may need service to optimize fuel MPG.
  • Reduce the amount of time spent on accounting and administrative functions related to fuel.

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