Proven Results

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  • Retail

A retail store selling fitness equipment joined BOBA and saved $20,000 the first year on credit card processing. Completion of our full business evaluation found critical deficiencies in the existing insurance policy. The store’s inventory warehouse was excluded and was not covered for transporting products, a large part of the daily service. This company is also utilizing BOBA’s payroll & HR compliance service which resulted in time efficiency with additional savings in operating costs.
BOBA’s advisors reviewed monthly statements from a wine & spirits retailer and determined potential savings of over $3,100 a year through BOBA’s credit card processing service. Currently, the store is going through BOBA’s energy savings audit and is expected to see additional cost savings and operational efficiencies.

  • Service

A salon owner with a staff of eight joined BOBA in 2015 and is saving over 50% on monthly credit card processing fees. This equates to a savings of over $1,800 annually. Upon completion of BOBA’s full evaluation it was determined the owner was not fully covered under her property insurance policy and would have lost at least $60,000 if a fire or disaster had occurred.
A small hotel chain with three locations across two states met with a BOBA professional advisor to review monthly credit card statements. It was determined that, as a BOBA member, the business would save a minimum of $12,000 a year in processing charges. Additional cost savings are expected once the full evaluation is complete, which will review risk and compliance items specific to the hotel industry.

  • Restaurant

A restaurant & sports bar joined BOBA in early 2016 and implemented BOBA’s credit card processing service while going through BOBA’s comprehensive business evaluation. With credit card processing alone, the restaurant will save over $1,200 in 2016. BOBA advisors are currently evaluating the restaurant’s insurance policies to confirm adequate coverage and look for additional cost savings and/or risk control measures. There are plans for the restaurant to utilize BOBA’s small business funding program to add infrastructure for an outdoor concert venue.
A restaurant owner with two locations joined BOBA in 2015 and is saving over $3,100 a year after implementing BOBA’s credit card processing service. With close to $260 in savings each month, the owner plans to reinvest into the business for future expansion & growth.

  • Trucking

A small business transport company has been utilizing BOBA’s insurance and fuel services since mid 2014 and has already seen substantial operating cost reductions of over $127,000 annually. The company is now utilizing BOBA’s payroll & HR compliance service which has saved additional money, as well as allowing office staff to focus on customer service and business expansion.

  • Non-Profit

In 2013 a church in Chattanooga received 30% annual cost-savings by using BOBA’s credit card processing service and health insurance. The BOBA advisor was able to save the church staff health insurance coverage while improving benefits. The 30% cost savings translates into $56,000 previously used to pay expenses that the church was able to use for missions, services, outreach, and other projects.

  • Manufacturing

An industrial machine servicing company received a full evaluation from BOBA which uncovered gaps in its general liability policy. As a company that services machinery producing parts for aviation and other industries, it is crucial that Products & Completed Operations be included in the general liability policy, which was not the case. Uncovering these and other deficiencies and increasing the coverage has allowed this company to move forward with a better understanding of its potential risks, thus producing peace of mind knowing it is properly covered.

  • Education

A higher education training institute became a BOBA member in 2015 and, through our credit card processing service, is saving over 58% on fees every month. The institute is implementing BOBA’s fuel and payroll & HR compliance services, with plans to use the cost and time savings to invest back into the school and expand its course offerings & infrastructure in 2016 and beyond.

  • Real Estate

A business owner with properties across the U.S. signed up for a BOBA membership, and during the full evaluation significant gaps and deficiencies in the property insurance policy were discovered. One dwelling was for sale and vacant, but the policy was listed as a primary residence. Another property with multiple dwellings was completely left out of the owner’s policy. If something had happened, causing a claim to be submitted, it would have been declined due to improper or non-existent coverage.

  • Supply

An industrial supply company in business since 1972 joined BOBA and is enjoying thousands of dollars a year in savings through just one of BOBA’s services. Additional cost savings are expected through BOBA’s fleet and fuel programs and added value will be given through BOBA’s full evaluation, which includes a review of specific risks and regulatory compliance.
An auto parts supplier with two locations across East Tennessee is using BOBA’s credit card processing service and fuel program. Savings on credit card processing is over $150 each month and close to $2,000 annually. An even larger savings is being realized since the owner enrolled into BOBA’s fuel program. Before becoming a BOBA member their parts delivery operations were paying retail pump prices for fuel; now the owner is saving 25 cents on every gallon of fuel used.

  • Medical

An audiology clinic joined BOBA in 2016 and upon review of monthly statements, it was determined that the business would save over $3,500 a year in processing charges. This value is based on only one of BOBA’s services. Additional cost savings are expected once the full business evaluation is complete, especially once BOBA’s parcel delivery oversight program is implemented.

  • Aviation

A large metropolitan airport became a BOBA member in 2015 and had BOBA advisors review credit card statements from one of the public aviation facilities it owns and operates. A substantial annual savings of $8,400 is projected and additional savings are likely once other BOBA services are utilized at the facility.

What Our Members Are Saying

“BOBA advisors and sales staff are great to work with and very knowledgeable about how to assist small business owners.” – Hartman’s Flowers

“BOBA has been a very important part of our business for the past year and a half. We are saving over $20,000 a year by using their credit card processing service and although we are thrilled with saving money, the best value is in their full evaluation and advising services. Through the BOBA evaluation they uncovered major deficiencies in our insurance policy which put us at risk and if something had happened it would have shut us down. We are grateful for BOBA and the advising their team has given us. As the owner, I now have peace of mind that we are properly covered and know we are running our business more efficiently and cost effectively. The membership fee is worth every dollar, our business will be a member for life!” – S. Mohr, Owner Any Body Fitness

“Since becoming a BOBA member, I have saved at least 50% on monthly credit card processing fees which will add up to thousands in savings annually. During the business evaluation, my BOBA advisor found deficiencies in my insurance policy which I was able to fix and now I have peace of mind knowing my business is fully covered.” – A. Boruff, Owner Legends Custom Cuts

“Our church received advising services that usually only big companies can afford. Our visit was both enjoyable and valuable even before we received the full evaluation report. We are better stewards of our church’s resources as a result of our association with BOBA and CBA.” -Paul Gilbert, Senior Pastor Four Oaks Community Church, Tallahassee, FL

“I highly recommend Community Benefits Advisors. CBA assisted my previous congregation and me in evaluating and choosing the appropriate insurance for the church’s ministry. They resolved issues we faced as a result of the Affordable Care Act, and helped us address risk management issues very effectively. I will continue looking to CBA to assist me in the future. I encourage you to team up with Community Benefits Advisors. You will be glad you did. I certainly am!” – Dr. Steven E Granger, Senior Pastor, Hixson First Baptist Church, Chattanooga, Tennessee